Collect hot leads from your video.

An innovative video ad format for Facebook advertisement

We advertise your video on facebook
Collect fresh contact details
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How It works

Your video

Frimgle works with existing video material adapted to a short-sized, impact format for lead generation.


Knowing exactly how tour prospect will react and how they will understand your message is a hell of a story.


60% of the web traffic is mobile. We worked on a exhausting challenge to adapt our “Call-to-action” technology to mobile ...

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or upload it from your computer

Upload your video

Based on our experience, we’ll recommend your on the video, length, content and feeling. Don’t worry, we want your success.

Choose your call-to-action

Choosing a Call-To-Action is not just clicking a box. The copy has be to clear and inline ith your product, your target and your existing communication.

Test it! Share it! Spread it!

Once the techincal part is done, it’s time for testing with your team. You are ready now to use it on all your extisng channels: facebok, twitter, Linkedin, your websites and your advertising partners

Close sales

Throughout the campaing, you can monitor your success. Each contact delivered to you is directly interested in your product, right now! Don’t make them wait, they are sking to buy

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